Roxanne Kaino

Position: Dance/Drama Teacher

School: Washington Middle School

School District: Kaimuki

City, State: Honolulu, Hawaii

About the Nominee: Roxanne Kaino has taught dance at Washington Middle School for years! She is passionate and enthusiastic, and she brings out the best in all her students. She is talented and knows all sorts of dance, from ballroom to hip hop. Her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that they especially admire her because they have seen students transformed by taking her class. One particular student was not as coordinated as the other students. Ms. Kaino trained them and assured them that they would be fine on stage. They beamed on stage, and her nominator is certain that day was one of the best days of that student's life. Ms. Kaino takes any student who wants to dance and puts them on stage. Her dancers have been featured at Ala Moana Shopping Center, Ward Shopping Center, dance competitions and Blaisdell Concert Hall. She believes in all students, and as long as they want to dance, she will give them the opportunity to perform.

Ms. Kaino transforms students by helping them build confidence and develop skills. Alumni often come back to help and perform alongside her current students. Parents love her and volunteer to help her with performances. Ms. Kaino dedicates her own time, effort and money to prepare students for their performances. She often stays after school, holds practices during school breaks and provide snacks/food for the students. She is truly a LifeChanger.

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