Rosario Miano


Position: Senior English Teacher

School: CSI High School for International Studies

School District:New York City Department of Education - District 31

City, State: Staten Island, New York

About the Nominee: There are numerous ways that Rosario Miano is a LifeChanger in the CSI community. First and foremost, Mr. Miano is dedicated to charity. He coordinates CSI's yearly spirit week, which consists of five days full of events that raise money for that year's specific cause. In May 2016, he raised awareness for Jar of Hope, a homegrown organization battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. With his hard work and the help of CSI's small student body, the school was able to give this foundation a check for approximately $10,000, a record for Spirit Week.

In the years prior, CSI has worked with foundations like "Stomp the Monster" for breast cancer and "Staten Strong," which focused on rebuilding the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mr. Miano's selfless commitment to helping those in need grows each year, and it is only a fraction of what he does. This November, Mr. Miano will be running in the NYC Marathon with Jar of Hope, and is continuing to raise money for their organization. Once he is involved in something, he does not quit. Having said that, Mr. Miano also coaches many of the sports teams, from flag football to wrestling and fencing. He's constantly encouraging his students to step outside of their comfort zones and join a sport that they wouldn't have previously tried.

Lastly, Mr. Miano is a LifeChanger because of what he does best: teaching English. His nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that having him as their English teacher in their senior year was a privilege. In Mr. Miano's class, there is no such thing as "senioritis." The course load is rigorous, but he keeps it engaging so that his students enjoy being challenged. He exudes wisdom through his daily catchphrases, and just when you think there can't possibly be any more, he thinks of another. After spending a significant amount of time in his class, you realize that there is more to Mr. Miano than meets the eye. Not only is he one of the greatest teachers one could ever meet, but he's very genuine, outspoken and caring. He doesn't hesitate to give advice to those in need, or talk to those who may be struggling. He's incredibly passionate about his work and students, who are lucky to have him.