Richard Storrs

Position: Social Studies Teacher

School: East Hampton Middle School

School District: East Hampton Public Schools

City, State: East Hampton, Connecticut

About the Nominee: Richard Storrs was nominated by his superintendent, Paul Smith. Asking students to think in the classroom is not necessarily a new idea, but when you step into Mr. Storrs' social studies class, you do not feel like you are in a traditional classroom. You immediately feel like you are a part of the exploration. You might even eavesdrop on conversations that are intelligent and focused on history or current events.

Those who enter Mr. Storrs' classroom seem to step into a room in which the bond between student and teacher is much more like player and coach. The mood may be more casual, but make no mistake, the learning is very powerful. Mr. Storrs treats every student who walks through his doors like a full participant in a conversation, a debate or a Socratic dialogue. Students may use technology and/or primary sources, but there is no doubt that they are using their mind. As you are watching this experience unfold, you realize you are in a middle school classroom!

It’s easy to see the passion that Mr. Storrs has for social studies, but even more evident is his passion for students and their growth. He is a LifeChanger because every student under his instruction grows, is nurtured and achieves!