Rebekah Taylor

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Doak Elementary School

School District: Greene County Schools

City, State: Greeneville, Tennessee

About the Nominee: Rebekah Taylor was nominated by her principal, Jennifer Teague. Ms. Taylor should be the “poster child” for early childhood! Her heart and passion is in those early years of development, and she knows the difference a good start in school can make. Ms. Taylor arrived at Doak after taking some time off to raise her children. She stepped in as if she had always been a part of this team. She is a leader in the building and definitely a “runner” on her school's bus. Ms. Taylor is a perfectionist who is always striving to do more and to do better. She has worked hard in the last couple of years to develop lasting, ongoing relationships with her students and their parents. After her father passed away a couple of years ago, she has decided to go back and get her doctorate. She is an incredible LifeChanger!

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