Rebecca Schoenike

Position: Special Education Teacher

School: Clintonville High School

School District: Clintonville Public Schools

City, State: Clintonville, Wisconsin

About the Nominee: Rebecca Schoenike was nominated by her principal, Lance Bagstad. Ms. Schoenike has been a special education teacher in Clintonville for several years. Three years ago, she began a transition program for special education students who are ages 18-21. This program teaches students life skills that help them transition from a high school setting to an independent setting after they leave. These students learn about financial management, renting/owning a home, the process of getting a job and living independently. The students who have been a part of this program have gained immeasurable confidence in who they are and what they will become.

In addition, Ms. Schoenike has developed programs within the school that teach the students job skills, while providing valuable services to the teaching staff. For example, during this school year, Ms. Schoenike started a copying service for teachers. The students are learning to follow directions, meet deadlines and work with others, while teachers are getting assistance with tasks that can be time consuming and take away from other duties.

Ms. Schoenike has changed how her district helps students transition from high school to adult life, and she has truly changed many of her students' lives. She is a true LifeChanger!

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