Rebecca Martin

Position: SEAS Teacher

School: Live Oak Elementary School

School District: Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

City, State: Fallbrook, California

About the Nominee: Rebecca Martin is absolutely phenomenal! She takes students from residential schools and transforms them into functional students. These students come to her with many challenges, and she works to help them become highly successful students with 100% work completion. Her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, works with mild/moderate students who have transferred to Mrs. Martin's class. Their transformation is mind blowing! For example, one student would be mean to other students and manipulate them into not telling an adult. This student had several challenges such as a negative self-image and struggling to begin assignments. Their parents were at a loss and we were running out of options. Mrs. Martin took this student in, and they made a total transformation. Their parents said it was the best decision they made for their child. This student is now completing all of their work and no longer being mean. Best of all, this student feels so good about themselves! The work that Mrs. Martin does is essential to the well-being of her students and school. She is truly an amazing human, teacher, mother, and mentor!