Rachel Carter

Position: Special Needs Teacher School: Byram Lakes Elementary School

School District: Byram Township School District

City, State: Stanhope, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Rachel Carter was nominated by Carl Barling and Jennifer Windeler, who are both parents of students in the district. The following contains information from both nominations:

Rachel Carter, also known as Miss Rachel, embodies everything that a LifeChanger stands for. Two years ago, Mr. Barling's son qualified for occupational therapy and speech delay through his district. The improvement he has made since day one is remarkable! He is now eligible for mainstream kindergarten. Miss Rachel would always keep Mr. Barling updated on his son's progress on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Besides Mr. Barling and his wife, Miss Rachel is the most influential person in his son's life. Thanks to her, Mr. Barling's son loves school! She goes above and beyond what is expected of an educator.

It's not just Mr. Barling's son that Miss Rachel is helping, however. She spends an incredible amount of time with each and every child in the class, and she is an asset to everyone in the Byram Lakes Elementary School community, including Ms. Windeler and her son. Miss Rachel has helped Ms. Windeler's son in a way that truly comes from a warm, caring, kind place in her heart. Ms. Windeler's son has learned so much from her, and his family is forever thankful to her. She teaches in a way that helps guide him, and cares so deeply about him that Ms. Windeler considers her as part of her family. Watching him grow and learn so much from her is priceless to Ms. Windeler and her family. Each day, Miss Rachel dedicates her life to making sure her students are learning and having fun.

Miss Rachel is that "one in a million" educator who looks out for students the way their parents do when they're not around. She is a LifeChanger who is celebrated in her community for all her hard work!

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