Pilar Gutierrez

Position: CSS/SEAL Coordinator

School: Los Arboles Literacy and Technology Academy

School District: Franklin-McKinley School District

City, State: San Jose, California

About the Nominee: Pilar Gutierrez was nominated by her principal, Ricardo Balderas.

Pilar Gutierrez has made a tremendous impact on Los Arboles Literacy and Technology Academy since she arrived four years ago. She started off as a first grade teacher and now works as a teacher coach. Ms. Gutierrez is bilingual in English/Spanish and understands and appreciates the whole learning community. She is a go-getter, to say the least, and has helped Los Arboles make its highest academic gains ever. This year, she was selected as a local teacher of the year by the San Jose Giants. She was also chosen last year as the district SPIRIT Award winner in the area of student focus.

Ms. Gutierrez can do it all; her curriculum skills and knowledge are without match. She is a born instructional leader and is recognized by district staff as the head SEAL coach for the four schools participating in the program. One day, she will be a principal, but she possesses all the necessary skills to become one now. Additionally, she is involved with extracurricular activities such as leading Zumba classes for parents and students. She is simply amazing and is in the elite of thinkers and problem solvers!