Paul Sommerfield

Position: Custodian/Coach School: RRO Elementary School

School District: Montague Area Public Schools

City, State: Montague , Michigan

About the Nominee: Though it was transcribed by one person, Paul Sommerfield's peers suggested and contributed to this nomination.

Paul Sommerfield is fondly known as "Mr. Paul" by students at RRO Elementary School and "coach" at the high school level. He has been with Montague Schools for five years and coaches Junior Varsity baseball in the spring season. He does not simply show up to work do his job and leave; he makes an impact on both students and staff. Mr. Paul is always laughing and joking with the students, talking and interacting with them about their day, hobbies and interests. Most of the students know that he is an avid Chicago Bears and White Sox fan, and often discuss how his teams are doing versus the popular Michigan favorites.

Mr. Paul goes above and beyond for the teaching staff as well, always doing extra duties and never hesitating or refusing to help and assist, no matter the request. He loves coaching baseball and has had cookouts and provided treats for his students in the past. For most of the year, when he leaves his job at the school, he can be found working a part-time secondary job in the community. When he is not working one of two jobs or coaching, he is with his family.

Mr. Paul is a true family man. He has a wife and two children (ages two and five), one of whom has special needs. On days that his wife is working, he uses his lunch time to pick up his child at daycare and transport him to the Montague Area Childhood Center's ECSE Program to ensure that his son maintains a routine. One will never hear Mr. Paul complain. Even if his life is busy and hectic, he always has a smile on his face, and he always has time for the students and staff at Montague. It should be noted that Mr. Paul is a Montague alumni himself. During his high school career, he was an outstanding student and three-sport athlete who received many sporting awards and recognition. He is an excellent example of a LifeChanger in the Montague community!

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