Patty Buononato

Position: Fifth/Sixth Grade Skills Teacher

School: Cornwall Central Middle School

School District: Cornwall Central School District

City, State: Cornwall, New York

About the Nominee: Patty Buononato, also known as "Mrs. B," is a LifeChanger because she's taught hundreds of students everything there is to know about computers. She teaches them coding, digital storytelling, graphic arts, desktop publishing, etc. She also teaches her students how to use the entire Microsoft suite, as well as many other programs to help them with school. Her nominator, a high school student who wishes to remain anonymous, says that they use so many tools Mrs. B taught them in middle school. She makes students laugh, lets them be themselves and lets them ask as many questions as they want. Another reason Mrs. B is a LifeChanger is her positive attitude. She's always happy. You can tell she enjoys what she's doing, and it makes a huge difference in class. She still keeps in touch with past students and is proud of them. Her nominator wants to attend college for coding and robotics. If Mrs. B hadn't introduced it to them in middle school, they might never have known what they wanted to be when they grew up.

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