Patrice Saunders

Position: Seventh Grade Literacy Teacher / Team Leader

School: Village Academy

School District: New York City Department of Education - District 27

City, State: Far Rockaway, New York

About the Nominee: Patrice Saunders received nominations from multiple colleagues. The following profile contains information from each of her nominations. Ms. Saunders has an impact on every student that she crosses paths with. As a 3rd year teacher, she demonstrates what it means to be dedicated to the art of teaching and how this can impact student learning. Whether it's a friendly hello in the hallway or leading her school's jump rope team, she makes it a point to develop relationships with each of her students. In the classroom, her knowledge of literacy has helped students blossom into fine readers and writers. She shares this knowledge with other staff members in order to create a culture for learning.

Ms. Saunders has influenced many of her students to become bigger members of her school community. She creates a bond with students that helps them become comfortable in receiving the support that they need in order to be successful. She has also created a bond with families in order for them to feel comfortable with sharing information with her. Ms. Saunders has truly impacted the Village Academy family and what they believe are effective practices.

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