Pamela Wermuth

Position: Spanish Teacher

School: Lincoln High School

School District: Yonkers Public Schools

City, State: Yonkers , New York

About the Nominee: Pamela Wermuth was nominated by a friend, Jose Luis Blanco. Miss Wermuth is not only an excellent teacher, but has excellent methods of instruction. Her focus is on the Spanish language, Spanish grammar and composition and Spanish history and literature. Miss Wermuth has been working in education for over 18 years. Being a teacher is not just a career for her, but a legacy brought by her parents and siblings, who are all teachers in various school districts within the Yonkers community. Miss Wermuth spends additional time during the evenings teaching at Mercy College, where she focuses on the Latin community, Latin heritage and how culture influenced the city over the last few decades.

She is personally interested in helping her students during class by extending her passion for education to each student and helping them grow properly as individuals. In other words, she doesn't just help students academically, she helps them learn how to make better choices for their own goals and dreams. The students respect Miss Wermuth in the highest way, and she's proud to see that the time and effort she puts into educating her students pays off in the future.

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