Nathalie Lilavois

Position: Director of Elementary School Curriculum School: Three Village Central School District

School District: Three Village Central School District

City, State: East Setauket, New York

About the Nominee: Dr. Nathalie Lilavois was nominated by a colleague, Robbi Hall.

Ms. Hall has known Dr. Lilavois since she first started working in Three Village Central School District. She first met her as a parent on the soccer field and got to know her better as a vendor of the district through her arts in education programs. Ms. Hall had the great fortune of not only performing at Dr. Lilavois' school, but developing a relationship with her as an artist. They both discussed state standards, curricula and what Setauket Elementary School needed in terms of arts ed programs that would have a great impact on classroom work. Because of this long relationship, Ms. Hall has been able to hone her programs, study guides and relationships with other school districts on Long Island. According to her, Dr. Lilavois is always available to not only discuss and preview programs that she's developing, but suggest ways to better connect them to the curriculum. As a result, Ms. Hall's assembly programs are in demand throughout New York State.

Dr. Lilavois cares about students and their families as if they're her own relatives. When a situation arises, she always maintains multiple perspectives that reflect all involved, with the goal of strengthening the community and helping the children to grow stronger, wiser and kinder. Dr. Lilavois has certainly and positively changed Ms. Hall's life. She has invited her into other organizations, not only as an artist, but as a volunteer, parent and participant. Because of this, Ms. Hall is staying connected to children, parents and communities all around Long Island and NYC. The impact Dr. Lilavois has on Ms. Hall's work as an artist is an endless resource and source of inspiration as the school curriculum ebbs and flows. Dr. Lilavois is a great motivator for the 3V CSD community, and she fosters long term relationships and connections that are both indelible and loving. Her community appreciates her as a LifeChanger!

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