Miranda Bishop

Position: English Teacher and Department Chair

School: East Central High School

School District: Jackson County School District

City, State: Moss Point, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Ms. Bishop's nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a parent of a student who attended East Central High School and had her as a teacher. Her nominator had always heard she was a great teacher and that all of her students loved her, but didn't know why until their child had her as a teacher. The nominator's child didn't like school, couldn't talk to anyone and was very shy. They had no intention of attending college, and her nominator didn't think this student's grades would have been good enough. From the start, however, this student liked Ms. Bishop. She tells her students before they leave every day that she loves them. Her students have to say it back, or they can't leave! Her nominator's child said they were thinking of going to college, and they're doing great in her class. Ms. Bishop has taught this student that everyone learns differently, and that when they find their way of learning, it will be easy. She has taught this student how to put in effort and look towards college. Her nominator is grateful for Ms. Bishop and knows that she has done amazing things with so many students!

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