Mi Kang

Position: SDC Teacher

School: Bear Mountain Elementary School

School District: Arvin Union School District

City, State: Arvin, California

About the Nominee: Mi Kang was nominated by a colleague, Christy Vargas.

Mi Kang is one of the most authentic people one could ever meet!. She has the most amazing way with severely handicapped students, and she truly inspires all of her colleagues to be better teachers and people. Ms. Kang works tirelessly to make sure that each student achieves and exceeds their goals. She is firm, fair and positive in all her interactions with her students. Ms. Kang is also multi-talented: she is musically inclined and plays for her students in class each day while they sing along. She is also a talented, self taught artist who has created many murals for her school's cafeteria and painted portraits of some of the staff, their families and pets.

Ms. Kang's nominator, Christy Vargas, co-taught an after school art class with her. Ms. Vargas says that it was a wonderful experience! She learned so much from Ms. Kang and appreciates her patience, kindness and love of teaching. Ms. Kang has taken some of her most challenging students, many whom were introverted and didn't speak, and helped them transform into joyful, interactive, lively, beautiful students. Her ability to focus on their needs is so inspiring to watch. She never gives up on them, and the results are very positive. She gains trust, achieves growth and gives and receives love from all of her kids. Her students truly love her, and the faculty love having Ms. Kang and her students on the campus. The entire Bear Mountain community tries harder and is a better school because of Ms. Kang!