Melissa Wasson

Position: Second Grade Deaf Ed Teacher

School: Miller Elementary School

School District: Arlington ISD

City, State: Arlington, Texas

About the Nominee: Melissa Wasson was nominated by a colleague, Teresa Mizelle. Ms. Wasson is an advocate for all students at Miller Elementary School. When her nominator, Mrs. Mizelle, came to Miller last year, Ms. Wasson was a special education teacher who supported students by spending time in the classrooms to determine their needs and helping the teachers to meet these needs. This year, Ms. Wasson is a deaf education teacher for a group of second grade students who are hearing impaired. Her goal is to help them become as active in the school as possible. She finds positive aspects in all her students and works to build these aspects up so her students can feel confident enough to join the classrooms of their peers. Ms. Wasson will not take no for an answer when it comes to doing what is best for the students at Miller.

Ms. Wasson doesn't only advocate for her own students, but for all Miller students. She helps others become knowledgeable in methods that will help any student who needs extra support. Ms. Wasson has spent evenings and weekends showing her colleagues, including Mrs. Mizelle, ways to use programs that will assist students with special needs. She writes grants and encourages others to write grants that will benefit the students. Additionally, Ms. Wasson works daily with a group of students to produce Miller's morning announcements. She is a great role model for these students. As Ms. Wasson walks through the school, one can see the lives she is changing, from the second graders in her classroom to the students who create the morning announcements and the teachers that she encourages. She is a true LifeChanger in the Miller Elementary community!

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