Melissa Sobleski

Position: K-6 Intervention Specialist

School: West Elementary School

School District: Buckeye Local School District

City, State: Adena, Ohio

About the Nominee: Melissa Sobleski was nominated by Thomas Brown. Mrs. Sobleski is a rare gem of an educator. She possesses characteristics that immensely enhance the lives of her students. Mrs. Sobleski believes that every child is able to learn and grow, but she understands that this may look different for each student. She identifies the methods that help each of her students learn best, and she pushes her students to reach their full potential while maintaining a positive rapport and nurturing environment. While differentiating daily instruction, Mrs. Sobleski can identify trends/antecedents and come up with a comprehensive plan to help students learn in either a general or special education environment. Collaboration is a characteristic that is practiced daily in her classroom. It can range from collaborating with general education teachers, planning with other intervention specialists or seeking guidance from building and district level administration.

Mrs. Sobleski teaches in the area where she was raised and within the district she graduated. This knowledge of the community allows her to identify with all its members. While she understands the hurdles that families in the district may face, she does not look at them as boundaries. Instead, she looks for solutions. Conducting IEP meetings through a variety of methods allows for parents to feel as an active member of their child's education, and is often an area that is overlooked. Growing up in the community has allowed Mrs. Sobleski to obtain a unique perspective as an individual, educator and community activist. To say that her influence stops within the four walls of her classroom is a massive understatement of the range of her influence, and how it enriches all whom she comes into contact. To have a genuine educator that relates to the community and the students of Buckeye Local School District is a priceless commodity and makes Mrs. Sobleski an extraordinary individual. The students, parents, teachers, administration and community are very fortunate to have such a positive role model to enhance the lives of tomorrow’s future.

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