Melissa Robie

Position: Pre-K Teacher

School: China Primary School

School District: RSU 18

City, State: China, Maine

About the Nominee: Melissa Robie was nominated by her principal, Darlene Pietz. The motto at China Primary School is CARES; staff teach students to be Caring, Accepting, Responsible, to give their best Effort and to be Safe. Ms. Robie exemplifies this motto and is a great role model for all students. She is kind, caring and patient, and she has assuaged many fears and tears. She provides her school's youngest students with an extremely positive introduction to the "world of school."

Ms. Robie is loved by her students and their parents. Everyone at China Primary knows they will experience a pleasant encounter whenever they speak with her. She has been a very active member of a three person committee at her school called the HR/PR (human relations/public relations) committee. She also attends PTO meetings, even though she lives out of town. Ms. Robie volunteers her time to coordinate activities such as the annual community Fun Run, family movie nights and the annual PTO craft fair. She can also be seen at student musicals supporting students and staff. Her humble dedication to China Primary students, staff and the community leaves a "mark" on all, which resembles a happy face!

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