Megan Wright

Position: Third Grade Teacher School: Hidden Lakes Elementary School

School District: Keller Independent School District

City, State: Keller , Texas

About the Nominee: Megan Wright was nominated by her colleague, Heather Varon.

Megan Wright has taught for the past 13 years and has a passion for children. This year, she transformed her classroom by using a 21st century learning model, "Engage to Learn." Students were self-directed, took ownership of their learning, and participated in authentic learning challenges. Ms. Varon said that she had never seen students so excited about learning. The students researched their own questions about a topic using a variety of technology devices, shared their learning with their group and worked together to create a group project displaying their learning. This year, students worked on skills such as creativity, critical thinking, cooperation and communication. The level of student communication was extremely high.

In Ms. Wright's class, each student has their own individual needs. Ms. Wright is brilliant at facilitating learning so that each of their needs is met. The way she creates such a warm and inviting classroom culture makes every student feel special. Ms. Wright's influence reaches beyond her classroom. This year, she led her team and other teachers in various grade levels in utilizing the "Engage to Learn" model. This pushed the entire campus forward. Ms. Wright changed not only the lives of her students in her classroom, but the lives of all Hidden Lakes Elementary students by modeling positivity, creativity and passion for teaching and learning.

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