Megan Ruffin

Position: GED, ACT Prep, Independent Study, Lead Teacher

School: New Hope High School

School District: Lowndes County School District

City, State: Columbus, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Megan Ruffin is one of the most charismatic, encouraging, loving and passionate teachers one could find! Every day, she pushes and challenges students whom others gave up on long ago. Through her work with GED and ACT prep, she inspires students, helps them earn a high school diploma and enroll in college. In a typical day, Mrs. Ruffin can be found helping students earn credits online, remediating and tutoring those struggling academically, helping students register for the ACT, driving students to the local community college to meet with counselors, planning homecoming, organizing Mississippi scholars and organizing all testing for the PSAT and AP courses. She is treasured by her students, and she follows them long after they leave her class. She checks up on their progress and never gives up on them. Her students know that she will always have a welcoming smile and an encouraging attitude, even on the most hectic of days.

Mrs. Ruffin bridges the gap for neglected and forgotten students. She makes unreachable goals possible. Through her tireless efforts, she is systematically changing the future for multiple generations to come. Mrs. Ruffin is a LifeChanger!

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