Megan Grant

Position: Assistant Principal

School: Lucerne Elementary School

School District: Lucerne Elementary School

City, State: Lucerne, California

About the Nominee: Megan Grant was nominated by her principal, Mike Brown. In a small school district comes the opportunity for educators to wear many hats. Most of these hats directly support student engagement and achievement. It takes an extraordinary educator to find the time to facilitate these activities and programs in the interest of students. The teacher that Mike Brown nominated makes students her priority, above all else.

Megan Grant has been teaching at Lucerne Elementary School for nine years. During this time, she has diligently strived to make Lucerne a very rewarding experience for all learners, whether they're Transitional kindergartners, eighth grade students or her peers. Her classroom lessons are thematic in nature and consistently address the Common Core Standards. Her young students are truly brought in through and beyond the curriculum. She supports older students through her Leadership program, as well as serving as yearbook advisor and volleyball coach. As part of leadership, she plans numerous extra-curricular activities and events, including robotics for the older students.

Additionally, Ms. Grant single-handedly brought Science Camp back to the students of Lucerne after the school went many years without a program. She actively holds fundraisers and acquires donations to support student programs and materials. For example, she was able to get Lego Robots donated for the Leadership Class, as well as an apple press to supplement a month-long Kindergarten lesson with apples as a theme.

Ms. Grant also actively supports adult learners and has been instrumental in bringing about the changes needed to fully implement the Common Core Standards into the school curriculum, including a new school-wide Writing Handbook. She is the AVID district director and parent involvement coordinator for her school, planning several parent involvement activities throughout the year.

On top of all of this, Ms. Grant is currently pursuing her Administrative Credential and Masters' Degree in Educational Leadership through Cal-State East Bay. She is truly the definition of a team player, caring educator and leader all rolled into one. This school year, Ms. Grant has moved into an assistant principal position and is beginning to hone her leadership skills so that she can have an even greater impact on student achievement.