Mary Slone

Position: English Teacher

School: South Floyd School

School District: Floyd County Schools

City, State: Hi Hat, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Imagine if you were to enter a classroom full of adventure and creativity. A classroom that welcomes students to be themselves, while also creating an environment for learning. One that students looked forward to and feel safe to be in. A place for students to learn in a way that will help them outside of school. One lined with paint that has been chipped and withered from holding all of the joyous memories. Would students care a little more to understand the importance of education? If you have ever had a conversation with Ms. Mary Slone, you'd understand that she does just this. When her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, first began their teaching career, Ms. Slone's only advice was "love kids above all else, and they will love you." She is dedicated, driven, and caring. She loves each and every student with her full potential, and she teaches like her hair is on fire every single day. Now, once more, imagine that you are a student walking through the hallways of a high school with a destination of a successful future. What if you had been given the opportunity to be your complete self and express yourself in a way that is appreciated, all while learning the things you needed to learn? Can you imagine all of the things you could have learned had you been given an efficient place to learn it? A place to feel safe and understood.

If this isn’t enough to understand the passion for her career and the people involved, please understand that Ms. Slone also volunteered to coach the middle school academic team. She dedicates her time outside of the classroom to work with students that she doesn’t even see in class. She took a team that was facing challenges and built it into one that people know and respect. Ms. Slone is a leader to students and parents. Consecutively, she is a huge part of her church in McDowell, KY, where she greatly assists children of the community and of her school in finding a spiritual future. As a teacher, Ms. Slone strives in assisting other teachers with planning and growing. She openly volunteers her ideas and vast creativity to expand into classes other than her own.

Ms. Slone is more than a teacher to the students; she is a role model, a leader and an inspiration. She is a role model for the young minds that she touches each day, and is an astonishing LifeChanger!

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