Mary Hill

Position: Principal

School: Grinnell Elementary School

School District: Derry School District

City, State: Derry, New Hampshire

About the Nominee: Mary Hill was nominated by a colleague, Tammie Lampes. Ms. Hill is a LifeChanger in her school and community for so many reasons. She is positively affecting the lives of students and families, as well as her staff. Her ability to multi-task as principal and leader of her Title One school helps to make her school a success. Every day, she spends time in the classrooms modeling her love for learning and celebrating her students' efforts. She is quick to praise staff and accepts and respects opinions and suggestions. Ms. Hill has the innate ability to understand the issues and complexities that arise from the ever-changing dynamics of families. She works closely with them to find positive solutions for their struggles. She demonstrates kindness and empathy to all of her families. Ms. Hill has also nurtured and developed a tremendous level of trust with her most needy families, always keeping the well-being of her students first. She leads by example with her positive attitude and kindness, but she also demonstrates steadiness and resolve during emergency situations.

Ms. Hill's open door policy and ability to connect with her staff, whom she considers family, demonstrates her strong leadership qualities. These leadership qualities are also evident in her tireless implementation of NH/DOE guidelines associated with Title One Schools. She willingly takes on other responsibilities, including numerous school district committees and working closely with the PTA, Salvation Army and other local and state organizations. Most of all, Ms. Hill truly cares about her families and the well-being of each and every student and staff member. She thoroughly enjoys watching students learning and reaching their potential. In her words "I am a proud principal," emphasizing the word "pal." The community of Grinnell Elementary School is a team comprised of families, students, staff and administration working together to see students and their families succeed. Ms. Hill is a dedicated and devoted principal who changes lives every day in a positive way!

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