Martin Crowley

Position: Teacher Assistant School: Cumberland High School

School District: Cumberland School Department

City, State: Cumberland, Rhode Island

About the Nominee: Martin Crowley was nominated by his principal, Alan Tenreiro.

Martin Crowley serves as a teacher's assistant in the alternative learning program at Cumberland High School. He is also the school's softball coach and recently led the team to the state semi-finals in Division 1. More importantly, Mr. Crowley is the leader of school spirit at CHS. He attends every school event and makes it his mission to get to know students on a personal level. He is the MC for Spirit Week events, serves as lead "cheerleader" at spirit activities and is the voice of Cumberland High School at many athletic events. His principal says that many times, he doesn't have to even think about needing a volunteer because Mr. Crowley will be there. Mr. Crowley helped his colleagues at the graduation ceremony, attended the post-grad party until 3:30am, returned to school the next morning in shirt and tie at 7:15am, supported students all day and later led his team to the state semi-finals at a night softball game. He cares deeply about students. He is a man of character and integrity, and he instills these values in the students he works with. Mr. Crowley is always positive and willing to go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students. He is a LifeChanger!

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