Marissa Ogando

Position: Principal School: Whitesburg Elementary School

School District: Carroll County School District

City, State: Whitesburg, Georgia

About the Nominee: Marissa Ogando is a true humanitarian and educator! She wakes up everyday and gives 100% to the children and teachers that she works with. It's not hard to understand why she is so beloved. She is highly intelligent, active, supportive and giving. She has bought clothes, shoes, food and whatever else it takes to ensure her students will be safe and successful.

One of Dr. Ogando's greatest character traits is her work ethic. She never stops. She loves big, works big, dreams big and serves big! She serves first. Dr. Ogando makes it her mission to make sure every person she meets knows that they are special and unique. One can't come in contact with Dr. Ogando and not walk away affected. She radiates love and wants all of her students to know they are loved first. She is an impactful leader who promotes student achievement, and she is relentless in her pursuit of excellence. Every school she has led has seen a rise in test scores. While this is impressive, this is not the legacy that will be left by Dr. Ogando. She will leave behind a legacy of love, support, care and concern. She changes lives by being a positive force for good. Dr. Ogando is a true nation-shaper!

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