Marion McDowell-Fox

Position: Inclusion Teacher

School: Payne Elementary School

School District: District of Columbia Public Schools

City, State: Washington, District of Columbia

About the Nominee: Ms. Marion McDowell-Fox has been an educator for nearly 26 years. She has a passion for teaching that goes beyond many peoples’ expectations. She has taken a strong interest in the development of students and parents by providing emotional and academic support that is essential to enriching lives both within and outside of the classroom.

Ms. McDowell-Fox not only invests her time with her students and parents, but she is also so dedicated to ensuring her students have a well-rounded education that she uses her own paycheck to purchase classroom supplies and fund trips and parties.

Many parents consider Ms. McDowell-Fox the epitome of a prekindergarten teacher. She helps her students have a positive attitude toward school and learning that will remain with them as they progress through elementary school and beyond. While Ms. McDowell-Fox has devoted countless hours to her students, she finds enough time to contribute to her community, church and family, volunteering her time, knowledge and experience for the people she cares about the most.

Ms. McDowell-Fox is one of the most beautiful, genuine and caring personalities in the DC public school system. She truly exemplifies excellence as an educator.