Marilyn Tolbert

Position: Director

School: Starpoint School

School District: Private

City, State: Fort Worth, Texas

About the Nominee: Marilyn Tolbert was nominated by Scott Gray, the parent of a student. Dr. Tolbert continually earns abundant gratitude from those fortunate enough to call Starpoint School home. She, along with the amazingly talented and thoroughly devoted faculty and staff at Starpoint, work miracles daily with students, including Mr. Gray's child, who has learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.

Members of the Starpoint family share these three things in common:

1) A journey to Starpoint fraught with emotion and trepidation, as students struggle in other settings until, finally, finding this wonderful place where they literally run from their parents' cars in the morning to get into school.

2) A profound sense of appreciation, not just for the knowledge and skills being taught, but especially for the notion instilled in students that they can do it, whatever "it" is! Students learn that they can dream, learn, work and achieve.

3) Concern that the school only runs up to sixth grade and that another transition lies ahead. Mr. Gray states, however, that he has seen other Starpoint students, whose first walk into the building was cautious and timid like his child's, walk confidently down the path to their future, equipped with all that Starpoint has given them. These students have had incredible success due to their instruction at Starpoint.

Mr. Gray states that his child has blossomed in the Starpoint environment. Dr. Tolbert and the Starpoint team have changed both the path and the arc of his life. One of TCU's slogans is "Learning to Change World." Every day, Starpoint is "Teaching to Change a Life!" For that reason, Dr. Tolbert is a LifeChanger!

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