Maribeth Brash

Position: Physical Education Teacher

School: Caston Elementary School

School District: Caston School Corporation

City, State: Fulton, Indiana

About the Nominee: Maribeth Brash has been the physical education teacher at Caston Elementary School since 1978. A proud graduate of Michigan State University, she brings enthusiasm and excitement to every facet of her school. During her tenure at Caston, Mrs. Brash has been a beloved teacher and supporter of students. Caston is a kindergarten through twelfth grade school corporation of 715 students, all under one roof. Mrs. Brash impacts children of all ages, from five years old through graduation. She never misses an opportunity to give someone a kind word of encouragement or a high five in the hallway.

Mrs. Brash sponsors the Elementary Student Council and the Elementary Spell Bowl Team. She tirelessly runs the elementary concession stand, purchasing items and supplying treats for sale at all of her school's home games, including sixth grade girls’ volleyball, sixth grade girls’ basketball and boys’ basketball for fifth and sixth grade. She is also the long-term treasurer of the Caston Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.

Mrs. Brash is an avid collector of Box Tops for Education, Aunt Millie's bread labels and Campbell's Soup labels. Through her efforts, she has added well over $20,000 to Caston's student activities funds to support any student needs that may arise.

Mrs. Brash regularly uses money from these collections to support field trips, team shirts, team uniforms and Caston's student behavior incentive program.

During the spring of 2015 and 2016, Mrs. Brash offered every fifth grade student at Caston Elementary School the opportunity to participate in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon at no costs. The students excitedly board the bus and leave for Indianapolis at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday to run in the event. This is just a glimpse into Mrs. Brash's nature and character. It’s who she is. She will do anything to get students excited about fitness and movement, and her zeal for meeting the needs of students goes way beyond her classroom.

The most important factor aspect of Mrs. Brash is her unrivaled passion for making sure Caston students feel valued and appreciated. Her excellence in the classroom and throughout the building is only exceeded by her personal devotion to making the world a better place, one student at a time.

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