Marc Melcher

Position: Special Education Teacher, Grades 4-8 School: Plainview-Elgin-Millville Community Schools

School District: Plainview-Elgin-Millville Community Schools

City, State: Elgin, Minnesota

About the Nominee: Marc Melcher was nominated by his principal, Clark Olstad.

Mr. Melcher works with students struggling with emotional/behavioral issues, and he is definitely a LifeChanger to all of them. Principal Olstad says he has had many personal conversations with parents of Mr. Melcher's students, who often say that Mr. Melcher has been the most positive influence on their child in their entire life.

Although Mr. Melcher has many teaching talents, his level of professionalism and calmness in difficult situations is truly outstanding. He advocates for all his students, but at the same time, he demands that they hold themselves accountable in terms of academics and behavior. Principal Olstad says that he's known Mr. Melcher for many years, and not once has he heard him complain about the students he works with. Instead, Mr. Melcher is passionate about helping each student improve their personal social skills and the level of respect they demonstrate toward other students and adults they interact with on a daily basis. He also helps them have more self-respect. Principal Olstad is extremely confident that Mr. Melcher will continue to be a LifeChanger for the students and families he works with!

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