Mandy Williams

Position: RTI Intervention Specialist, Grades 3-5 School: Memorial Drive Elementary School

School District: Ware County Schools

City, State: Waycross, Georgia

About the Nominee: Mandy Williams was nominated by a colleague, Mamie Holland.

Mandy Williams was recognized as a Teacher of the Year in her district. She is well-liked and supported by school personnel, and she has been the school's Technology Specialist for several years. During that time, she has helped students and teachers through a broad range of technology problems. She has also guided students through several intervention programs which helped both the students and their teachers.

Ms. Williams is continuing her education in leadership, where she will be even more helpful to students and the staff at Memorial Drive Elementary School. It is obvious that she has followed the school curriculum throughout the years that she has been out of the classroom because she is highly capable to help tutor any student from K-5, including ELL students.

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