Malik Wheat

Position: Data and Testing Specialist School: Hopewell High School

School District: Hopewell City Public Schools

City, State: Hopewell, Virginia

About the Nominee: Malik Wheat was nominated by Deion Burnett. This is the second year Mr. Wheat has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. He was previously nominated for the 2015-2016 program.

Mr. Wheat came to Hopewell High School after serving as a history teacher at Carter Woodson Middle School. As a history teacher, he was a brilliant storyteller. Mr. Wheat also designed very creative and engaging lessons that grabbed the attention of all students. His excellence as a K-12 educator inspired Mr. Burnett to become a social studies teacher.

Today, Mr. Wheat continues to change the lives of students by being positive, tough and firm. He motivates his students to reach their full potential. Mr. Wheat is admired by students and parents alike! One parent states that Mr. Wheat was instrumental in helping their child graduate from high school; the student was struggling to pass the state-mandated SOL tests required to graduate. Mr. Wheat was there every step of the way, tutoring the student and providing positive encouragement to help the student pass those tests. The parent says "Mr. Wheat is the best educator I have ever met in my life!"

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