Lynda Duval

Position: Administrative Assistant

School: Prairieview-Ogden South Elementary School

School District: Prairieview-Ogden School District #197

City, State: Ogden, Illinois

About the Nominee: Lynda Duval was nominated by her superintendent, Vic White. Mrs. Duval has been a team player and a leader at South Elementary School for 30+ years. She works extremely hard to provide a safe, organized and friendly environment in the office for students, parents, visitors and staff. She greets every student, staff member, visitor and parent with a smile each and every day. Mrs. Duval is a care giver to students who don't feel good and/or are hurt by acting as the school's nurse. She is dedicated to her school, and she works extremely hard to promote a positive atmosphere that makes everyone who comes to the office "happy" and leave with a smile on their face! She is the "right hand" person for the principal and for the staff, keeping them all organized and keeping the office running in high gear. Without any reservation, Mrs. Duval is a LifeChanger!

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