Lucille Jones

Position: Math Resource Teacher

School: Davis High School

School District: Davis School District

City, State: Kaysville, Utah

About the Nominee: Lucille Jones was nominated by Michael Jones, a family member. Ms. Jones is an outstanding teacher who motivates her students to be successful in the classroom, as well as in life. In working with at-risk students, she goes above and beyond to make sure their needs are being met through her extensive collaborative efforts with administration, teachers, parents and the community. She is willing to spend extra time working with students before and after school in order to help them develop the necessary skills to succeed, both in the curriculum and in their transitional settings. She has high expectations for her students and is willing to invest her time to assist them in meeting their goals.

Ms. Jones loves learning as evidenced by her receiving dual bachelor degrees and a master’s degree. She is also a National Board Certified teacher and attends state and district sponsored professional development opportunities to deepen her classroom skills and knowledge. She loves to impart her love for learning to her students and incorporates her acquired knowledge into creative, engaging, and rigorous lessons while keeping in mind how hard to push her students without disengaging them. Her passion for math has helped students be successful and boost their confidence in their math abilities.

Ms. Jones works hard to build a positive rapport and trust with students and parents. She views these relationships as a collaborative effort to best meet the needs of each student in order to propel their educational experience to the next level. This is evidenced by the respect students demonstrate in the classroom and by the many thank you letters and cards she receives from parents and students each year.

Ms. Jones is also a leader in her school; she serves as the special education department chairman and has served on various committees in the district. In summary, she is truly a perpetual learner who takes great pride and passion, not for her job or profession, but for the noble calling of a teacher.

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