Lori Wilson

Position: Head Custodian School: Muhlenberg South Middle School

School District: Muhlenberg County Schools

City, State: Greenville, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Lori Wilson was nominated by her principal, Brian Lile.

Lori Wilson is an outstanding asset to her school! The school building itself, even though built in 1976, continues to receive compliments on the condition and cleanliness of the building. Ms. Wilson's work does not stop there; she can frequently be found helping students, greeting them with hugs and smiles, talking with them and even waiting with them when they are sick and waiting on their parent/guardian to pick them up. During lunches, Ms. Wilson has a creative way of wiping down tables. Whenever she cleans a table, she places a card on the table to help her know which ones have been cleaned. This may not seem special at first glance, but each card contains a positive message for students to see such as, "One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day," "Positive energy and positive people create positive results," "You haven’t failed until you stop trying," and many others.

Ms. Wilson is very intentional in building relationships with the students. This is evident in the following good news report sent in by Ms. Wilson:

"The other day a student wasn't feeling well. I'll say she was kind of in a panic/anxiety mode. Anyway, I stayed with her until she was picked up. The next morning when she came through the door, I asked if she was feeling better. She said that she was and that her mom was going to get her a doctor's appointment. I asked her the other day how she was doing and she shared with me this wonderful news..."

This is just one of the many examples that have been reported across the school. Principal Lile says that he has witnessed students approach Ms. Wilson and ask her how she is doing. When she has to miss school, students will ask if she is doing okay. The reason for this is the relationships that have been built. Mr. Lile has heard several staff members say that if they were to start their own business, their first hire would be Ms. Wilson, no matter what the business is!

Ms. Wilson has been seen on bus duty greeting students as they enter the school. During the winter and without being asked, she has gone out in the snow on early dismissal days to check with parents to see who they are here to pick up, communicating that information in to the front office. Although she was cold and drenched, she was glad to be able to help!

Ms. Wilson's work day ends at 2:00 p.m., but she is often found still working in the building at 4:00 p.m. and even later. Earlier this year, her school had their ticket stubs for a basketball game accidentally thrown away. Ms. Wilson decided to "dumpster dive" and was able to locate every ticket stub. These are just a couple of the examples as to how Ms. Wilson changes ordinary moments into memorable ones! She is a very positive person and helps spreads the school’s focus of "Positive Energy" throughout campus. As head custodian, she models the type of work ethic that she expects from the other custodians. This is her first year as head custodian, and she earned the job as a result of her hard work and exceeding expectations throughout the years. Ms. Wilson is an outstanding LifeChanger!

There were many comments submitted with Ms. Wilson's nomination from Muhlenberg South Middle School staff in regards to her work. Below are just two examples:

“Lori is an asset to our school. She cares about the building and goes the extra mile to make sure the building is taken care of, but she also cares about the people in the building (ALL the people, from the students to the staff), and it shows. She will take the time and find whatever it is that students or staff need.”

“...Some of the selfless acts I have witnessed Lori do is station herself outside in the snow to help parents in picking up their students, wash a student’s shoes in the bathroom because they were muddy, and switch out an entire classroom of chairs and desks on the very same day the teacher made the request. I have always admired her attitude and work ethic. Lori is an excellent role model for everyone at MSMS.”

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