Lori Huff

Position: Counselor School: J.A. Vitovsky Elementary School

School District: Midlothian Independent School District

City, State: Midlothian, Texas

About the Nominee: Lori Huff changes lives everyday as the counselor of J.A. Vitovsky Elementary School! While the district as a whole is affluent, students at JAV are not. Students come to school each day with physical, emotional and educational needs that can be overwhelming at times. Ms. Huff is the first person these students reach out to on campus. She is the one who parents call when their child is hurting or has specific needs that she can meet. Ms. Huff stays focused no matter how challenging the job can be and makes it a daily priority to help students. She meets with several small groups of students each week to counsel them based on their individual needs. Ms. Huff also conducts guidance classes by grade level each month. All of the little extra things she does for students make a big difference in the lives of students who attend JAV. She uses her own struggles that she had as a student to make kids and parents feel comfortable. They trust her in every way!

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