Lisa Johnson

Position: AP Art History, AP Studio, Painting, Digital Design Teacher

School: Bishop Chatard High School

School District: Private

City, State: Indianapolis, Indiana

About the Nominee: Lisa Johnson was nominated by a former student, Jack Blanchard. Jack states that although he didn't attend Bishop Chatard High School, he attended Herron High School in Indianapolis, Ind., while Mrs. Johnson was a faculty member there. At Herron High, she taught AP Art History (APARTH), Art History DC and Painting. Jack states that without a doubt, Mrs. Johnson's APARTH course was the most impactful class he had ever taken. It's not because that was where he received his best grades, but because that's where he learned an entirely new way of thinking about the world in which we all live.

Mrs. Johnson's teaching abilities are almost magical. They helped each student understand why Art History is relevant to all of our lives and why, no matter what career path students followed as adults, they could use the skills they learned in APARTH to better comprehend the most pressing challenges faced by our society, whether those were economic, social, environmental, etc. The class taught Jack to be an interdisciplinary thinker with a broad toolkit with which to strive for success.

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