Lisa Garrett

Position: Fourth Grade Language Arts Teacher

School: New Hope Elementary School

School District: Lowndes County School District

City, State: Columbus, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Lisa Garrett was nominated by her principal, Tammy Aldridge. Mrs. Garrett is what every parent dreams of for their child for a classroom teacher. She is the epitome of someone who makes the educational experience rewarding and successful. She has all of the star qualities of a LifeChanger, and she serves tirelessly to better herself for the sake of her students.

Mrs. Garrett is the teacher who begins each day with a smile, warm hug and positive affirmation for every single child in her class. She not only does this for her students, but also for those who are lucky enough to work alongside her each day. Her individualized planning, engaging lessons and use of best practices make her class a haven for educational success. Mrs. Garrett's students never doubt their abilities to succeed; on the first day of school, she begins instilling in them the confidence to tackle anything placed in front of them. Ms. Aldrige states that she has seen her work miracles in everyone from the highest academic achiever, all the way down to the students whose aspirations are to just survive. The joy that she expresses with them as milestones are met is celebrated by all in her classroom. It is a normal occurrence to see the students proud of their peers and sincerely celebrating with them. This is all because of the stellar teacher and person of character that Mrs. Garrett is.

Another star quality of Mrs. Garrett is her passion. She exhibits a passion that is unfounded in the field of education today. She wants her students to excel, her colleagues to be successful and her school to be one of the best in the nation. Mrs. Garrett invests in the school through participation and leadership on numerous committees. She can be found preparing for meetings, sharing information and helping others with implementing school initiatives.

Last but not least, Mrs. Garrett contributes to the character of the students she teaches, as well as her coworkers. How can she do this? Her example of compassion, grace, and humility are all evident in her daily interactions with everyone she comes into contact with. Ms. Aldridge says that she strives to be the person of character that Mrs. Garrett is. From the best days to the worst days, she encourages everyone in her path to be their best. All the while, she never voices that she exemplifies excellence, but lives it out for all to be able to see.

Ms. Aldridge states that it is with admiration, respect, and great honor that she gets to spend her days as Mrs. Garrett's principal. Her colleagues deeply appreciate having her on their team as an educator and LifeChanger!

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