Lisa Caprio

Position: Fifth Grade Math and Science Teacher

School: Frontier Elementary School

School District: Palm Beach Schools

City, State: Loxahatchee, Florida

About the Nominee: Lisa Caprio was nominated by her principal, Susan Groth. They have known each other professionally for over 5 years. Mrs. Caprio is a phenomenal fifth grade math and science teacher! She ranks in the 98th percentile in science, and she is highly effective in both subjects according to the state grading system. Mrs. Caprio is an exemplary teacher whose skill, professionalism, positive demeanor and dedication to making a difference in the lives of students are attributes that she exudes daily.

Upon entering her classroom, one immediately experiences the warmth of the print rich environment she creates to immerse students in math and science content. Mrs. Caprio establishes a learning community with her students where mutual trust and respect is evident. The feeling of family, shared responsibility and excitement for each child’s accomplishments demonstrates the depth to which she inspires students to take ownership of their learning and reach for the stars in the pursuit of excellence.

Articulate, organized and purposeful are adjectives that describe Mrs. Caprio when she is planning, preparing and presenting rigorous, standards-based math and science lessons to her students. She has a comprehensive system for tracking student data that allows her to provide remediation and enrichment, as well as personalize instruction according to the individual needs of each student. Numerous district and state educators have visited her classroom to observe her high-yield instructional strategies and the depth to which she teaches her content. Never satisfied with status quo, Mrs. Caprio extends her day to tutor students so that they may solidify their understanding of the Florida standards.

Mrs. Caprio is the co-chairperson of Frontier’s Math and Technology Committee. In this role, she facilitates collaborative conversation with colleagues to enhance math and technology instruction school-wide. She has also served as the science contact for Frontier Elementary. In this role, she attends professional development and shares her newfound knowledge and pertinent resources with colleagues. Mrs. Caprio welcomes any opportunity to grow professionally and gladly accepted the invitation to attend the math cohort training's during the fiscal year 2016. She brings new, innovative techniques to her classroom and readily shares her “5 Star” practices with colleagues across the district.

In closing, Mrs. Caprio is an asset to Frontier Elementary and a difference maker to every student entrusted to her. She is a well respected member of her faculty who is always willing to assist and support when needed. She is a stellar educator who is relentless in her pursuit of success for her students. Mrs. Caprio is an incredible LifeChanger!