Lisa Bulluck

Position: Dean of Curriculum and Culture for Secondary Education

School: Rocky Mount Prep

School District: Rocky Mount Prep

City, State: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

About the Nominee: Lisa Bulluck is a caring educator. She not only wants her students to succeed in the classroom, but in life. She encourages them to do their best and stresses the importance of having choices. Ms. Bulluck never lets her students use their current situation as an excuse. Instead, she pushes them to see past their current situation. She tutors students when they need help, and she goes to each classroom every day to say good morning. It makes her students feel good, and it makes a difference to know an educator cares about more than just a grade. Ms. Bulluck cares deeply if her students are in school or not. She also helps out her students if they have financial needs. For example, she helped her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, with free haircuts last year. Even though her students know she cares, they also know that she doesn't mess around! She is tough on them and has high expectations. For many students, she is more than their dean; she is their example of a nurturing mother. She is a LifeChanger in her community!

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