Linda Hunt

Position: Principal

School: Charles Churn Christian Academy

School District: Private

City, State: Brooklyn, New York

About the Nominee: This is the second year Dr. Hunt has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She was previously nominated in 2014-15. Dr. Hunt has changed the lives of thousands of people. In one year, she has transformed her school into a place where students are scoring higher on state exams and graduating at a 95% rate. Every graduate within the last two years has attended college and maintained at least a B GPA or better. Two percent of the graduates went on to serve in either the army or navy. The lower grades have also performed better in the classroom and on state assessments. Most importantly, the students' motivation has increase tremendously! Dr. Hunt has been a LifeChanger in her community through her work in overseeing the Green Avenue People's Garden. This garden is designed to beautify the neighborhood and give the homeless a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden, while also giving them an opportunity to learn how to plant vegetables and care for animals. Dr. Hunt has also been a LifeChanger in her religious community because she inspires, encourages, empowers and challenge people in the community to go forward. She is definitely an icon in her community.

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