Levi Herrin

Position: Lead Teacher/English Teacher/Testing Coordinator School: Ware County Learning Center

School District: Ware County Schools

City, State: Waycross, Georgia

About the Nominee: Levi Herrin has always gone above and beyond to show that he cares for his students. His school system opened a new alternative learning facility during the 2015-2016 school year. Mr. Herrin volunteered to transfer to this facility because he wanted to see these students be successful and achieve all of their dreams. He stays after school to work with students in order to help them catch up, and he even meets with students at the public library on school holidays to make sure that they're able to complete everything in their courses. Mr. Herrin is a giving teacher who truly lives by the philosophy that students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. In one instance, he worked with a student who had fallen behind and needed to complete two years' worth of coursework in one year in order to graduate with their peers. Through determination and hard work, along with Mr. Herrin's support and care, the student completed their coursework, earning the right to walk across the stage and graduate with their peers. Many teachers care about their students, but Mr. Herrin has definitely gone above and beyond in an effort to change the lives of the students at the Ware County Learning Center!

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