Leimomi Chun

Position: Fourth Grade Special Education Teacher

School: Koko Head Elementary School

School District: Honolulu

City, State: Honolulu, Hawaii

About the Nominee: Leimomi Chun was nominated by a colleague, Jared Kagihara. Ms. Chun has been a dedicated and hard working teacher at her school for over a decade. Her colleagues are very grateful for the good work she has done with her students.

She is a highly qualified teacher who is National Board-certified. Her work has helped many students move from being struggling readers to ones who can experience the joy of reading. Ms. Chun regularly arranges field trips for her students to explore their community so they can learn more and be able to interact with the immediate world around them. Sometimes, students have challenges, but Ms. Chun still works with her students to unlock the key to their success. She helps her students not only learn the value of education, but how to become compassionate, caring people.

Ms. Chun is a valued member of her school community by way of her ability to bring our teachers and staff together. She goes out of her way to recognize the good work her colleagues do in the school, and she serves as a cheerleader for all of them. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and participate in school activities as well as serve on many of the school committees.

Her ability to work with everyone in the school makes her a valuable member of the staff. They really appreciate her school spirit and personal pride in her willingness to go above and beyond for Koko Head Elementary!

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