Lauren Richardson

Position: Eighth Grade Spanish Teacher

School: Mason Middle School

School District: Mason City Schools

City, State: Mason, Ohio

About the Nominee: Lauren Richardson was nominated by multiple students. The following profile contains information from each of her nominations. Señora Richardson has changed people's lives forever. She is someone that isn't just a teacher, but a friend. For example, if a student invites her to one of their sporting events or concerts, she will always attend and be their biggest cheerleader. No matter what time of day or how far she has to travel, she will be on the sidelines for students. Overall, she sets them up for success!

Señora Richardson helps her students in any way possible, and she always tries her best for them. She will make up songs to help student remember verb charts, create memory tricks and videos for them to watch, find extra practice links, etc. She does so much to make sure students do their best in her class. Señora is also her students' biggest motivator. On tests, she will make sure students know she wants the best for them! She rewards them for hard work by giving her students candy. Even though the students get lots of candy, that's not what matters.

The candy could be super sweet, but the teacher that gave it to them is even sweeter! One of her nominators, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that they've never heard her say anything negative to anyone. Ever. She spreads happiness to everyone in her school with her constant smiles and laughter. In addition to teaching, Señora is the National Junior Honor Society advisor, a role in which she does an amazing job.

A teacher like Señora makes students excited to go to school. She is committed to making her classroom a comfortable atmosphere for all of her students. She goes above and beyond to ask how they feel about topics and what they need to enhance their understanding of a topic. Everyone knows they are all welcome in her classroom. She gives equal attention to all of her students and understands what is going on in their lives, both inside and outside of school. Overall, she is an amazing teacher who changes the lives of students and members of her community!

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