Lauren Dabbs

Position: Fourth Grade Math Teacher

School: Fairfax Elementary School

School District: Chambers County School District

City, State: Valley, Alabama

About the Nominee: Lauren Dabbs was nominated by her principal, Fran Groover. Mrs. Dabbs is a dedicated educator who makes her math lessons come alive and keeps her students engaged. She creates an atmosphere of integrity, respectfulness and hard work.

Mrs. Dabbs goes out of her way to be involved in her students' lives outside of the classroom. She attends ball games and other programs to support her students. Her math lessons provide excitement, engagement and rigor. For example, she transformed her classroom into a surgical unit last month. The students dressed in medical white coats, masks, gloves, booties and surgical hats. They were the lead doctors in performing an operation on a "paper patient." This lesson covered order of "operations." The 97 students who took part in this lesson will never forget it! Mrs. Dabbs creates a lasting positive impact on every student she teaches, which is a goal for any true LifeChanger!