Laura Trapani

Position: Psychologist

School: Dawes Avenue School

School District: Somers Point Schools

City, State: Somers Point, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Laura Trapani was nominated by a colleague, Tammi Chiarulli. Ms. Trapani has many roles and responsibilities within her school as a psychologist. She not only helps support her students' ability to learn and succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally, but she serves as a role model and mentor to every student and staff member she encounters.

Her expertise, knowledge and understanding of the students she works with is shown through professionalism and a positive attitude and outlook in order to provide the best for each student and teacher. She makes an impact on all of her student’s lives, especially within the main population of her caseload: students with special needs.

On a daily basis, she goes over and beyond, to ensure that every student is given the best care and academic requirements needed, whether it's given through a behavior plan, academic placement, or the tools and strategies needed in order for each student to grow successfully. Ms. Trapani not only works well with her students, but has great rapport and communication with their teachers and caregivers. She is her school’s “shining star,” meaning she is the “go-to” person who, when asked, will know all the answers and solve any concern, issue, or problem that arises with competence and expertise.

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