Kunane Burns

Position: Special Education Teacher / Varsity Football Coach

School: Centennial High School

School District: Corona Norco Unified School District

City, State: Corona, California

About the Nominee: Kunane Burns was nominated by a former student, Sarah Moody. The reason why Mr. Burns is a LifeChanger is because he's always encouraging and helpful. He cares about his students succeeding and getting through challenges in school.

He has inspired so many students, including his nominator, Sarah. There was always something he said that encouraged her to believe in herself: "There are two types of people in the world, losers and winners, and they're both by choice." Whenever he said this, it inspired Sarah to want to be a winner in life. He never put up with excuses, and he always made sure his students understood reality in the real world.

He wants his students to be prepared for the real world, so he takes time during class to explain real life challenges, work preparation and college education. Mr. Burns has made a difference in Sarah's life ever since she graduated high school. He has a kind, caring personality that shines within him. He is also funny and is knowledgeable in many subjects such as, math, athletics, persevering, etc. Mr. Burns has changed the lives of many students in ways he may not even know. Sarah states that she's glad to have had him as a teacher!

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