Kristin Higgins

Position: Business / Technology Teacher School: Mason High School

School District: Mason Public Schools

City, State: Mason, Michigan

About the Nominee: Kristin Higgins was nominated by her principal, Lance Delbridge.

Kristin Higgins is one of those teachers that every principal dreams about. She comes to work every day with a well-prepared lesson, high expectations for everyone and passion to engage students in learning. Ms. Higgins knows how to connect with students and is well-respected by the student body. She is often the last one in the building on most nights, as she is working on getting ready for another day. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, which include running the school yearbook, Ms. Higgins also coaches girls water polo, serves as the announcer for the school's pool events, organizes an annual soccer game to benefit students in Nigeria, coordinates an annual picnic in the parking lot, assists in planning and reading student names at commencement, organizes the school's academic awards assembly and serves as assistant principal when the assistant principal is out of the office. In short, she does whatever needs to be done.

Higgs, as she is known in the community, changes lives for the better every day. In addition to students, she is also well-respected by staff. No one is surprised when Ms. Higgins steps up to do something. The best part about Ms. Higgins is her humble personality; she thinks that what she does is what every person should do. "Give your best, help others, and do things with excellence," is the motto that she lives by. Ms. Higgins is a top notch educator who makes a positive difference every day!

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