Kristie Cramton

Position: Eighth Grade Math Teacher/Title I Interventionist School: Yale Junior High School

School District: Yale Public Schools

City, State: Yale, Michigan

About the Nominee: Kristie Cramton was nominated by her principal, Brad Dykstra.

Kristie Cramton is a union building representative, school improvement co-chair, a Title I Interventionist in ELA/Math, an excellent instructor and a wonderful role model for both students and staff. She works with "at-risk" students, in her general education class and as Yale Junior High's interventionist throughout the day. She provides economically disadvantaged students with an opportunity to not only receive high quality instruction, but extra instruction as the Title I interventionist in both ELA and Math during and after school.

Ms. Cramton establishes positive connections with students and has been involved in several team building activities with staff. She was instrumental in implementing staff collaboration activities this year. Because of her leadership and the assistance of Smart Team Building, Yale Junior High's camaraderie and team spirit are sky-high. Without her leadership, professionalism and instructional expertise, her school would be much less effective. She is the epitome of a LifeChanger!

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