Kristan Giddinge

Position: Teacher's Assistant - Autism Program School: Schofield Middle School

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: Kristan Giddinge was nominated by a friend, Rebecca Wilson. This is the fourth year Mrs. Giddinge has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She was previously nominated in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Mrs. Giddinge, also known as "Mrs. Kris," is a amazing and incredible woman! She assisted Ms. Wilson's son and helped her with him during the summer time. If it wasn't for Mrs Kris, he would have struggled.

She has worked at Clark County School District for 17 years with special needs students. For the last five years, she has been working in the Autism classroom. Mrs. Kris has faced challenges in this program, but she always pulls through and shows nothing but love and compassion for her students. Additionally, Mrs. Kris recently graduated from school to be a medical assistant. When other employees are finished with their work for the day and go home to their families and loved ones, Mrs. Kris practices in-home healthcare for the elderly. She takes care of veterans, people with Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as anyone else who may need her help. Additionally, she has a family at home who she takes care of, including a husband and two sons, aged 16 and 6.

Overall, she goes above and beyond for the people she works with and their families!

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