Kriesti Bunch

Position: Chief Academic Officer School: Somerset Independent School District

School District: Somerset Independent School District

City, State: Somerset, Texas

About the Nominee:

Kriesti Bunch has one of the most positive attitudes! She has both her students' and employees' best interests at heart. In addition to serving as Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Bunch is Somerset ISD's professional development coordinator. She is so good at what she does, and she gives the greatest presentations!

Ms. Bunch lives to inspire people and to make a positive impact on those around her. Her compassion for students and staff is over the top. She promotes good customer service and instills the idea in her staff that students come first. You will never hear a negative comment from her, and you will never hear the words, "I/we can't do that." Every time she arrives on campus, both students and staff recognize her and are always excited to see her. She definitely leaves an impression on everyone who crosses her path!

In her professional development role, Ms. Bunch strives to improve teaching and learning in hopes of making a difference in students' lives. Her constant positive attitude definitely radiates throughout the district every day, especially through her professional development training classes with teachers and staff. Her leadership skills are impeccable, and she holds herself to the highest standard of professionalism. Her commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere is shown daily!

Ms. Bunch has definitely set the bar high when it comes to moral and ethical standards. Her goal is to instill in students and staff her ideas of how important it is to have moral standards in their daily lives.

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